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Contribution to the pre-conference workshop
on Tuesday, 14th June 2016

Dear colleagues using CCM2,
Please find here the results of the CCM workshop that took place in Helsinki, Finland (14 June 2016), as part of the AGILE conference.
We bundled the workshop findings together with the various short papers that the contributors produced. A need for more integrated data was expressed and a need for an improved version of CCM was found. Especially for areas outside the core European area. Also it would be important to create a CCM based on higher resolution Digital Elevation Models.

The booklet can be downloaded here:

de Jager A.L. e.a. (2016) CCM workshop, findings and presented applications.

The following papers were initially produced for the workshop:

Duarte, G. Oliviera, T.G. e.a. River Network Toolkit (RivTool), a new software for river networks.

De Freitas Oliveira, J.R. Rosim. S. e.a. Assessment of the drainage network extracted by the TerroHidro system using the CCM2 drainage as reference data.

Baudry, F. CCM2 and ECRINS use for Water Framework Directive (WFD) water body delineation and River Basin characterization in the Vardar/Axios River Basin.

Bodescu, F. e.a. Assessment of aquatic ecosystems state based on their main services.

Onusluel Gul, G. Gul, A.Generating catchment typologies in river basin systems in Turkey for setting priorities in flood mitigation.

Poster presentation displaying work of :
Nitcheva, O. The CCM2 River and Catchment data set employed in Bulgarian Hydrological Modelling investigations. Paper - Poster

To discuss CCM you can subscribe to a user group. We focus especially on making an new and better version of CCM or extensions to other continents. Please leave a note if you want this when subscribing to CCM for download.
You can download Terrahidro with this link: Terrahidro Wiki
You can download the river toolkit with this link: RivToolKit.com
You can download a pfafstetter generation program with this link: will come soon

For more information please contact
Alfredde Jager
Phone: (+ 39)0332 785760
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