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CCM2 Download

To download CCM2 data please select one or more Data Windows and a Projection System. Each window includes River Basins, Catchments and Rivers for the window area.
Lakes and River Basins for the whole CCM2 area are further provided in separate datasets. The River Basin dataset includes a set of Codes, which together with the Pfafstetter hydrological feature codes provided in the window data represent a unique and structured hydrological feature code per primary catchment and/or river reach throughout the CCM2 area. Also rivernames are included in this dataset. The Lakes dataset contains also a set of ordered Coastlines

Data are provided free of charge for non-commercial use. However, we require that you register as a user of the data and that you accept the conditions of use. If you are a new user, select the Processing Window(s) and Projection System of your choice and register using the "Login/Register" button. If you are already registered, you can login with your email address and password. This will keep us informed on the user group and on the use of the data. We will use the provided information only for this purpose and for informing you in case of major updates.

CCM 2 Processing Window Distribution

Projection System:
Select one or more window(s):
2000 North 2001 Western Islands
2002 South 2003 West
2004 South West 2005 Danube
2006 Dnjepr 2007 Balticum
2008 Scandinavia 2009 South East
2010 Macronesia 2011 Caucasus
2012 Ural 2013 Volga
2015 Azores 2016 Northern Islands
2017 Tigris 2018 Iceland
All Windows
River basins Lakes
After registration the data will be provided as zip files. Each zip file contains an ArcGIS File Geodatabase in Lambert Equal Area projection or in Decimal Degrees (Longitude, Latitude). Depending on the window, zip files vary in size from less than 1MByte (Atlantic Islands) to about 100 MByte (Window 2013 (Volga)). Most files are between 20 and 50 MByte in size.

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